All Ruby wants is to walk out of Westmead Hospital

All Ruby wants is to walk out of Westmead Hospital

All Ruby wants is to walk out of Westmead Hospital

When Ruby was involved in a collision with a vehicle, she was doing what she loves best, riding her bike. She doesn’t remember much about the accident, just that she woke up laying in the middle of the road in a world of pain.

Ruby’s body was broken in so many places, even after 14 surgeries at Westmead Hospital, she still faces more operations and physiotherapy, before she can even begin to get her wish to walk again unaided.

Ruby said, “I was very scared…..I had so many operations in the first three weeks. I didn’t know how much more my body could take.”

Westmead Hospital’s dedicated staff worked to save Ruby’s life by providing an integrated approach to her injuries. Even before she reached the Emergency Department at Westmead Hospital, Ruby was assessed by a specialist doctor flown to the accident site. Whilst paramedics worked to stabilise Ruby, the Westmead Trauma Team were in direct contact with the ambulance personnel and were preparing for Ruby’s arrival.

Ruby knows that she is lucky to be alive.

On average, one person dies every day as a result of a road traffic accident in New South Wales.

Ruby said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better Emergency nurse, she was amazing…..she kept talking to me, kept me awake, kept me breathing….”.

Westmead Hospital’s Emergency Department is one of the busiest in Australia, seeing nearly 80,000 patients each year.

Westmead Hospital’s dedicated Trauma Team links the Emergency Department,  Intensive Care and Critical Care Units to ensure each patient receives a taylored pathway for each patient. This means that Ruby is being given the very best treatment.

Injuries like those Ruby suffered mean that it will take at least six months of care to get her back on her feet. Whilst she still faces more gruelling rounds of surgery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, Ruby is determined that she will walk again unaided.

Would you like to make a meaningful gift that will help Westmead Hospital’s Emergency staff support people with injuries like Rubys?

Handheld Suction Pump

The Emergency Department needs to replace five compact handheld suction pumps, which help patients to be safely transported between the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and the Operation Theatres. Each pump cost $1,000.

Intubation Laryngoscope

The Emergency Department needs two Intubation Laryngoscopies to assist with time critical patient ventilation. Each laryngoscope costs $6,000.

Advanced Life Support Vehicle

An Advanced Life Support Compact Buggy allows Westmead Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Teams with their life-saving equipment to get quickly to where they are needed at Westmead Hospital. Each buggy costs $19,000 to purchase and stock with equipment.

To make a donation to the Westmead Hospital’s Emergency Department free call 1800 639 037  or donate here

Thanks to you, we can help Ruby walk out of Westmead Hospital on her own two feet.


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