Restart A Heart Day – Wednesday 16 October

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Restart A Heart Day – Wednesday 16 October
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16 Oct 2019


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Make it your aim to know CPR, learn to restart a heart and save a life is the message Westmead Hospital Emergency staff want you to hear this Restart A Heart Day, Wednesday 16 October.

Sadly, the survival rate from cardiac arrest is only 10%. Time is a critical factor with survival – for every minute that passes without intervention, the chance of survival decreases by 10%.

In Australia, there are:

  • 54,000 heart attacks each year
  • 8,008 Aussies dying from a heart attack each year
  • 73% of people have at least one factor to contribute to a possible heart attack
  • 65% of Aussies do little or no exercise

To highlight this message, emergency staff will be demonstrating CPR in the main front foyer of Westmead Hospital on Wednesday 16 October.

For further information about Restart A Heart Day visit