A Sense of Place

The arts have been used as part of the healing process for thousands of years in ways we’re only beginning to realise. With the help of research, we are learning to understand the power of the arts in creating healing environments and a sense of place.

To support the development of environments for health and healing, an arts and culture program was delivered as part of the Westmead Redevelopment project.

The Arts and Culture program is designed to support all who come to Westmead to feel safe, welcome and connected.  One of the art projects included a photography competition, designed to discover photographic images provided by staff, students and the community to be selected for the new hospital building.

785 images entered the Westmead Redevelopment Photography Competition and A Sense of Place is a celebration of these artistic efforts bundled into a beautifully finished book showcasing 26 of the very best. This is your opportunity to share in the beauty, talent and empathy of the photographic images to be installed in the new Central Acute Services Building at Westmead.

A portion of sales of each book will go toward funding the ongoing Arts and Culture program and future art acquisitions at Westmead Hospital that will continue to promote health and healing throughout the hospital environment now and into the future.

Purchase 'A Sense of Place' Photobook

A Sense of Place Photo book is priced at $30, which includes postage and handling and a $5* donation to Westmead Hospital Foundation. All dollar amounts over $30 will be a direct donation to the Foundation. 

To purchase A Sense of Place Photo book, please fill out the form below. Please ensure you click ONE-OFF DONATION and OTHER to insert a dollar amount of $30.

*Tax deductible receipts available for all donations $5 and over.